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RIMSS WinNetStartm

Advanced Enterprise System

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True Windows Based Product
RIMSS WinNetStartm is a fully integrated Advanced Business Management System developed 100% in Microsoft's .NET ("DotNet") technology.  Integrated across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology provides the ability to quickly deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions.  In addition to adding stability and security to the operating system, the .NET framework adds new features to the Windows platform that greatly simplifies working with open standards and allows greater integration with the Internet.  This enables WinNetStartm to collaborate over the Internet safely and securely.

WinNetStartm was designed for scalability.  That means it can be a cost effective solution for a single location store or a powerful enterprise level application for a multi-location business.  It was developed from the ground up as a true N-tier application.  By partitioning the presentation, business rules and data layers into independent tiers, performance, serviceability, and expandability are all enhanced.  Additionally, these layers can be hosted on multiple servers to achieve desired processing requirements; allowing extreme scalability.

Smart Client Technology
The emergence of the internet and the increased distribution of business units have created a need to access and process company data from remote locations.  In the past, organizations that needed remote data access capabilities had to settle for slow browser based applications, expensive leased lines or hard to setup terminal server applications.  To overcome these obstacles, Microsoft developed a series of technologies in the .NET framework that allow "Thick Client" desktop applications to connect to data over the internet, like a "Thin Client" web browser does.  By combining the power and flexibility only possible in a desktop application with the ability to transfer data over the internet like a web browser, a new, superior type of application is created with the "Smart Client".

Smart Client technology combines the best aspects of a web application (internet enabled, easy to deploy and update) with the best aspects of a desktop application (speed, rich interface, easy printing), enabling your organization to operate in ways never before possible.

  • Graphically rich Windows application that can access data over the internet
  • Faster than browser based applications since no graphics files need to be transferred from server to client
  • Local users connect via local network server while remote users connect via the Internet
  • Designed with data security in mind (SSL encryption)
  • Simple to deploy and update using Microsoft's ClickOnce

System Features

  • Intuitive Graphical Interface (similar to Office 2007) makes learning easy
  • Easy installation and automated, periodic updates
  • Definable G/L account structure
  • Multiple companies and locations
  • Real-time access to data
  • Role Based Security
  • Extensive Column Chooser in all lists
  • Easily export lists and reports to PDF, Excel or CSV
  • Handles unlimited number of inventory items
  • Supports any Windows capable printer
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Can be hosted on your local network or remotely at a secure data center
  • Extensive Manufacturer price file database

Functional Modules

  • Fully Integrated Accounting
    • Chart of Accounts - General Ledger - Journal Entry
    • Purchase Order - Item Receipt - Supplier Bill - Pay Bill
    • Estimate - Sales Order - Invoice - Customer Receipt
    • Point of Sale Features
  • Banking Features
    • System and Manual Checks - Deposits - Reconciliation
  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Supplier Management
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Electronic Price File Update
  • Service Management
  • Unit Tracking (Wholegoods)
  • Rental
  • Numerous reports
  • More modules coming soon!

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